Broadway Bridge

State of City of Little Rock Bike Projects

28th Feb, 2014


Closing the loop

The city board has approved staff to proceed with negotiating right of way acquisition for both sides of the Dillard’s property.

Current design of the section between Dillard’s is 90% complete

South Main Project Update

Preconstruction meeting has been held with contractor and work should begin within the next couple of weeks.  The…

State of City Bike Projects

27th Nov, 2013


As usual at the monthly meeting of the BFCC (Bicycle Friendly Community Committee) a report of the state of the city’s bike projects was given by John Honeywell.  Mayor Stodola also took the time to speak about the Close the Loop initiative.

Close the Loop:  Work is progressing towards construction of the two termini on…

June 12th BFCC Meeting Focus

1st Jul, 2013


Although there where numerous issues discussed at the last BFCC meeting on June 12th the focus was clearly on the impending Broadway Bridge construction and the impact it will have on the Arkansas River Trail.  Currently the River Trail follows a route that takes it underneath the Broadway Bridge but that will have to…

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