Closing the loop

The city board has approved staff to proceed with negotiating right of way acquisition for both sides of the Dillard’s property.

Current design of the section between Dillard’s is 90% complete

South Main Project Update

Preconstruction meeting has been held with contractor and work should begin within the next couple of weeks.  The construction will start at 100 block and move south.  The project will most likely include Sharrows but is not 100% firm at this time.

Pinnacle Valley Connection to Chenal

This project is currently in the design phases.  Public meetings will be held once the designs reach a certain point so that citizens can voice their opinions on the designs.  Bike/Ped Coordinator Jeremy Lewno will spread the word about these public meetings and encourage attendance

Connection from River Trail to N. Rodney Parham/Hinson

A public meeting held in late January to receive public feedback on a connection to the Arkansas River Trail using N. Rodney Parham/Hinson.  The project will proceed to install bike lanes on Rodney Parham from Valley Club to Cantrell and will include widening the road surface the designs are 30-60% complete.

Broadway Bridge Reroute

The Broadway Bridge project has been pushed off until the end of the year due to AHTD not acquiring their contractor yet.  The contractor will determine the schedule of work for the project including any re-routing of the River Trail not much can be done until the contractor is determined and outlines their plans.

Louisiana Resurfacing

Louisiana is scheduled to be resurfaced before June of 2014 although utility work issues are currently causing a delay.  The city doesn’t want to repave a road and then have to rip it up for utility work so the utility work will have to be completed previous to the streets resurfacing.  Public works has agreed to study about Louisiana being a buffered green lane versus just a bike lane.  City has only considered bike lane so far due to the impact on the parking.  The concern is that going larger would impact vehicular bike with 2 lanes of traffic although it would be possible to fit more than just a bike lane into the size of parallel parking spot which is what is currently being alleviated for the bicycle lanes.

Daisy Bates & Chester Resurfacing

The City of Little Rock is currently examining both streets for possible road diets which would consist of 3 traffic lanes (2 travel and 1 turn lane) and bike lanes in both directions.  This is not final but the project is leaning that way.  At the February BFCC meeting concerns were raised about the schedule and the effects it would have on Central High School.  LR Public works addressed the concerns stating that all measures would be taken to accommodate the school to the best of the city’s abilities

Asher Avenue – Bond Project

Design work is currently in progress but the project will be at the end of the current three year cycle and is therefore only in the preliminary stages.

Overlook Drive – Sales tax project

The Overlook drive project is scheduled for a road overlay in early 2014.  The road overlay will have a dedicated bike lane on the uphill lane and sharrows on the downhill lane.  This is due to the size of the road surface and the inability to increase it further.  This is believed to be the safest arrangement as bicycles traveling uphill are going MUCH slower than traffic while bicycles going downhill are closer to vehicle speeds.

Questions were raised at the February BFCC meeting about the railroad crossing at the bottom of Overlooks Drive.  That property belongs to the railroad and the city cannot improve it although they have agreed to petition the railroad to fix it.

36th Street and Shackelford – Sales Tax

This section of street overlay is currently in design phases and the City of LR will attempt to accommodate bicycle infrastructure in the design of the project.

Barrow Rd Streetscape – Bond project

The Barrow Road Streetscape is a multi-phase project.  Currently work is underway on the master plan which will include a separate bicycle facility off of the road surface.  However the bicycle pathway is not part of the current construction but the master plan will it in place making it more likely to be included in other projects on Barrow Road.  The current projects call only for items such as streetscape improvements but the current and all future projects will be detailed work off of master plan according to budget. The master plan and all project are for the East side of Barrow Road.