Safety & Education

Safety & Education

Our area’s bicycle advocacy organization offers regular safety courses in the area.  They present children’s bike rodeos, safety classes, and adult bike workshops for different skills levels.  Click HERE to leave Little Rock’s bike website and visit BACA’s education page:   If you’re having trouble finding a bike education event that works with your needs and schedule, the City of LR may be able to help.  Please click HERE to send an email requesting help finding a class or event near you.

Local Rules & Etiquette:

When riding on a shared-use path (like the Rivertrail, or trails within parks or campuses), please use caution and treat pedestrians with respect.  Speeds should be slowed when appropriate, and you should announce yourself before passing.  (An ‘on your left’ or a ‘good morning’ or a ‘passing you, sir’ all work well, as do bike bells.)  Cyclists should NOT ride on sidewalks in business areas in Little Rock.  When sharing the road with cars, cyclists should generally ‘drive’ a bike following the same rules that they’d use in a car – they should ride as far to the right as is safe and practical, and they should stop at stop signs.  It’s also very important for cyclists on the road to communicate with other road users.  Turns and lane changes should be announced with appropriate hand signals.

This is just a quick overview of traffic rules and trail etiquette that applies to people riding bikes in Little Rock.  Our local bike advocacy organization has put together a really informative file of traffic rules as they relate to cyclists in Arkansas.  There are sections that specifically deal with individual cities.  Please click HERE to leave the BikeLR page and get BACA’s Traffic Rules .pdf.

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