Plans & Publications

Plans & Publications

Master Bike Plan 2011 BFCC Approved Updates (2013) – Little Rock (Please note the Traffic Counts below for affected areas.  18,000 cars per day or under is available for a Road Diet)

  • Add Bike Lanes on South Main Street (Roosevelt to 7th Street) –  Comments: Already Happening.
  • Change 7th Street from Bike Route to Bike Lanes from Main Street to UAMS.  Comments: 6100 Cars/day just west of Capitol. 11,000 cars/day at capitol
  • Add Bike Lanes on 9th Street from I30 to Main Street.  Comments: 4200 Cars/day
  • Add Bike Lanes on Chester from Roosevelt to I630.  Comments: 7900 cars per day
  • Add Bike Lanes on State Street from I630 to River Trail.  Comments: 4600 cars/day, connects Chester to the River Trail
  •  Add Bike Lanes on Louisiana from Markham to I630.  Comments: 2400 cars per day.  Show image from NYC video
  •  Add Bike Lanes on Scott Street from I630 to Markham.  Comments: 3100 cars/day (just north of I630), 5300 cars  (midway), 7600 cars  (just south or river)
  •  Add Bike Path along Civil Rights Trail from River Trail to State Fairgrounds.  Comments: Part of Southwest Trail as well.  At the Intersection of West 12th Street and South Pierce, go south on Pierce to West 14th Street, then go west on 14th Street to South Buchanan, then go south on South Buchanan to South Grant, then south on South Grant to the Coleman Creek Trail. This would connect the 12th Street’s bike lane to UALR. It would also include connecting the Oak ForestPark at 5826 West 14th Street to the Bike Trail System, as well as connecting to the new Coleman Creek Trail.


On the Right Track – Recommendations for the Future of Active Transportation in Little RockMaster Bike Plan 2011 – Little Rock

BFC_Fall2013_Feedback_Little Rock_AR – League of American Bicyclists was awarded Bronze ranking. Click on the link for Feedback Report from the League.

Southwest Trail – 57-mile  Bike Trail from Downtown Little Rock to Downtown Hot Springs

2010Ped-BikeCrashAnalysis-Draft – Metroplan Bike/Ped Crash Study

Bicycle_ADT – Arkansas Dept of Transport State AutoTraffic Counts on Roads – Arkansas Dept of Transportation State Auto Traffic

Bike Ped related crashes 2006-2011 (below)



Little_Rock Traffic Counts – Little Rock Traffic Counts by Street

Little Rock Schools Map – Little Rock School Map

Current Bike/Ped Projects May 2013 –  Chief Bike LR Blogger Jarred Gitz

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