City Bike Projects:

John Honeywell from Little Rock Public Works reported on the state of the city’s bike projects.  Bidding is now open for the Kavanaugh sharrow project so construction should start within 3-4 weeks.  Hopefully the traffic calming project for South Main St. will be approved this coming Tuesday and the designs for the Pinnacle Valley bike/ped project were approved last Monday.  Plans for the River Trail reroute due to the Broadway Bridge construction are still underway.  Efforts are being made to work with the Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Dept. to provide a reroute for the trail and to keep the trail open for as much of the construction as possible.

The BFCC Board has approved a motion to “Close the Loop” on the Arkansas River Trail.  Efforts have been made to effectively complete the trail section that runs past Dillards Corporate headquarters.  The plan is the use AHTD and Metroplan funding to complete the trail from Gill St. to the West side of Dillards.  Efforts are also being made to work with the Highway Dept. to replace the Gill St. bridge.

Trails Update:

Our trails update was provided by Jon Light.  He reported that bids have come back for River Trail signage but they are significantly over the amount received by grants to fund the signage; so the actual project will be more “lean” than the original proposal.  Sadly he informed us that there isn’t any funding to repave the Little Rock sections of Two Rivers Park where tree roots have damaged the trails.  It was therefore suggested that the city consider putting up SLOW ZONE signs to warn cyclists to control speed over the damaged section.  This could also have a positive impact on recent complaints about the speed of cyclists on the Two Rivers Park Trails.  Ultimately it is the responsibility of all trail users to use the trail in a manner that allows everyone to enjoy them.  That means walkers need to stay to the right of the trail, pet owners need to control their animals, and cyclists must ride at an appropriate speed in congested areas.

Stephen Wilson commented on one of our previous posts asking about construction work on the River Trail West of the Medical Mile section.  Jon mentioned that it is landslide fill that is scheduled to be completed in Mid-August.  Hope that answers your question Stephen.

Other Topics:

Jeremy Lewno would like to conduct a Before/After study of South Main St. traffic calming project if it goes through.

3rd annual Mayors car free challenge is Oct 7-13th, goal is this is the biggest one yet.  There will be a fair on October 6th at the River Market to kick-off the week and the focus will be on Safety!